Sarah J Walton

coil pots

All these pots were made between 1993 and 1998 using the coiling method of construction. 
I hand roll the coils adding them to a pinched out base and let the shapes evolve organically. 

The first 15 images show pots that are finished with a black slip and incised designs, these are then fired high so that the slip attains a metallic sheen. 

The 'Leafy Gourd', 'Balancing Sculptural Vessel' and 'Rough and Smooth Pot' are made using a rough clay with a high grog content these are then high fired to give a toasted appearance.

The 'Large Flower in stand' is hand-built and sculpted using coils and after biscuit firing, hand-painted using watered down acrylic then rubbed back with sandpaper, this takes off the paint on the raised areas where the coils have been joined giving a textured finish. The stand is made from mild steel bar created at a welding class I attended. ( More examples of my welding endevours can be seen on the 'Interiors' page)

The final six pots have been made from a red earthenware clay. These were burnished using the back of a metal spoon when the clay was leather hard and then after the initial biscuit firing, they were smoke fired (apart from the 'Sun' bowl) in a metal dustbin, using wood chips and sawdust.

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