Sarah J Walton

For sale - Large & Medium bowls

I make all these bowls  from a heavily textured clay called 'Craft Crank'. This has the appearance of stone when fired and is rustic to the touch. Coated with a variety of matt coloured slips (liquid clay) with metallic designs snaking across the surface, I endeavor to achieve a pleasing contrast between hand made earthiness and draughtsman like precision. 

All the bowls on this page are for sale and are of two different sizes and prices. I securely package each item before sending, and as they are quite robust in their construction, they are well able to withstand the rigors of the parcel delivery service! 
If anything does get damaged in transit you will of course be guaranteed a full refund upon return of the item. Please see my Terms & Conditions page for details.

Please also note that most of the bowls have a matt chalky surface with the design being rendered in a shiny metallic glaze, they can be washed with warm soapy water but are likely to stain if used as fruit bowls! 

The colours in the pictures are as true a representation as possible, of the colours as they appear in reality.
Each bowl is a unique handmade item with every design being original. If a design is repeated it is on a different sized bowl or has a different background colour. Each bowl is authenticated by a stamped logo on the base - see below.

If you would like to purchase a Large or Medium bowl from this page, click on the image of the piece you would like and then on the 'Buy Now' button underneath the image, remembering to select your preferred postage option. You will then be taken to PayPal where you can make your payment and I will post the item out to you! 

Thank you :-) x

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